If You Hire Ron To Sell Your Home


We start the entire process by meeting with you at your home and taking detailed notes of all of your homes features. We ask lots of questions and get a real understanding of what makes your home wonderful. If work is needed, we have a very comprehensive list of contractors and repair companies that we have developed relationships with and who give our clients preferred pricing. We help coordinate any and all work as you request and can even oversee that work. Once we have all the detailed information and have completed any work needed, we send in professional photographers and videographers to capture the images and video that will be used in all of the marketing of your home. Our services for video and photography are always free. After collecting all of the data, images and video, we start the process of listing your home for sale on the Multiple Listing Service and the well known consumer listing sites like Zillow.com, Realtor.com and others. A large, professional, solar lit sign will be placed in your yard and then we are off!


One of the biggest differences between us and the competition is how we market your home. Most agents will send out a boring, tired and useless postcard. The intent of this card is to find a buyer for your home, but it is also meant to solicit business for the agent. We actually create a high end video production of your home and push it out over social media to very targeted buyers. We also create printed media that is super high end and makes your home look like a showplace. Along with all of the video, photography and social media marketing, we also hold open houses with a theme as often as needed. If staging is something that you want to consider, we can help you do a budget staging yourself (or we can recommend and connect you with the pros who you can hire to create a real, professionally staged home for you.) Expect to see your home on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Professional, targeted placements and lots of posting keeps your home in the front of the most likely buyers. Our Staging Assistance, Video, photography, social media, printed media and open houses are provided free of charge to our clients.


Once the offers start rolling in, Ron Lyons really starts to shine. As a former police officer, Ron has an immediate command presence and is fearless when negotiating on your behalf. A recent report showed that a majority of people tend to avoid conflict and are afraid to negotiate. This just isn’t the case with Ron Lyons. Once the process of reaching an a negotiated selling price on you home begins, you will so glad you have Ron Lyons on your team. Of course, if you are sitting on the other side of the negotiations, you are going to be really glad when an agreement is reached. Ron realizes that the constant back-and-forth of real estate contract negotiations can be stressful and unnerving to a home seller. So, Ron takes steps to ensure that you are not stressed out and that the whole process is easy and comfortable for you. Let him do the heavy lifting; you just sit back and make decisions.


If Ron Helps You Buy A Home


In our first meeting, we will discover exactly what you are looking for in your ideal home. We can talk about different options such as pre-owned or new construction and what areas you are interested in. Consideration is given to every little detail like what your commute time may be, what some of the neighborhood features are and more. After we discover what kind of home is going to make you happy, we will start to pull up options both from the Multiple Listing Service and from all of our resources to see what catches your eye. Once we get an idea of what may work well for you, we will start sending you options via email to study as you have time. If you have preliminary questions about any of the homes we find for you, we will work diligently to get an answer. Also, we always recommend using us for new construction. Many buyers do not realize that having us represent them in buying a home from a builder is a great idea. The reason it’s advisable is that these new construction home sellers want us to continue to help them sell their products; they want us to come back over and over with new clients. Therefore, they are going to be much more inclined to work out a better deal for you when we are your agent than if you were to go in alone and unrepresented. Keep that in mind and let us help you with both pre-owned and new construction homes.


Once we have an idea of what homes we think you are going to love, we take you out and tour the homes for sale. We will always be very candid with you and not only show you the better points of any particular home for sale, but also the less desirable features or concerns we have. Remember, when we work for you in finding your perfect home, you are our priority. If you are someone who needs lots of time to consider the options, we are very patient and understanding. On the other hand, if you are the type that wants to cut to the chase and get something faster, we will work until all hours of the night making something great happen for you. When we tour the homes, if the owners will allow it, we will assist you in taking photos and measurements. If you have questions, we will get answers. In the end, you will know that you have seen all of the best options that fit what you are looking for and you will feel well represented through the process.


Once we find you the home of your dreams (or one really close to it) then Ron Lyons does what he does best, negotiate. As you may have read above, most people are afraid of conflict and tend to move away from it quickly. As a police officer, Ron Lyons was trained to engage with difficult situations on a regular basis. When Ron negotiates for you, you can count on getting the absolute best deal possible, hands down. But, this isn’t where the deal stops. We will go with you all the way through the process, ending up at the closing table. Yes, that’s right, we will make every effort to be at your actual closing to make sure that everything goes exactly as expected. In the event that something happens, we will be there with you to help guide you through the situation. When you are done with the closing, you will have felt very represented, protected and educated on the process of buying a home.