"I guess skinned knees are just part of buying a house"

As she stood on the sidewalk she could feel her heart racing. She was so nervous, the anticipation was almost too much. She wondered if she even had a chance to buy this house with at least 10 other buyers standing in the wait ready to force their offer in the seller's face. At just that moment, a large unshaved man seemingly pushed her aside in his haste to get to the front door. She could feel the pain in both knees as she looked up just in time to notice that the man hardly slowed down.

While this story isn't true, it is the perception that many people have of what it's like to sell a house these days. There's so many stories out there about how when you list your home for sale people will line up at your front door waiting to buy your home. Unfortunately, those days are over. Don't get me wrong, it's still a very good and strong market-it's just not what are used to be. Sadly, some people are little late figuring this out.

Every day I drive in multiple neighborhoods and see lots of for sale signs. After doing this over and over one starts to recognize the ones that have sat the longest. Many times I like to go back and look up those homes to find out why they're just sitting for sale. I'm rarely surprised to find out that the home was either overpriced or under marketed.

The sad reality these days many real estate agents are still under the impression that it is a sellers market. While it has not shifted over to a buyers market they're certainly a balancing effect taking place. In short, we are not short of inventory. Add to that the fact that many builders have finally started to catch up with demand and you see this shift taking place.

In order to succeed in today's market (and by succeed I mean sell your home quickly and at a near or above market price) you must first price your home appropriately and then follow that up with some serious marketing. This is a huge difference from just a year ago when simply putting a sign in the yard created a feeding frenzy of buyers willing to pay top dollar for your overpriced home.

I have a completely different strategy that involves actually UNDERpricing your home slightly with the expectation that my extensive marketing will create high demand for your home. When that happens, you will have plenty of offers over what you're actually asking and typically over the true market value of your home as well. Of course the secret lies mostly in the marketing.

If you're interested in selling your home and maybe creating a situation where someone skins a knee, call me at 214-783-5440 or email me at Ron@FriscoRealEstate.net